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Eat with the seasons

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Eat with the seasons

Domestically-produced in-season vegetables are generally cheaper, tastier and fresher. They are almost universally kinder to the environment and, of course, they support British farming and our rural communities. What’s not to love?


There are loads of good reasons to eat with the seasons

It’s easier on your wallet. You can often find great deals on in-season veg (out-of-season veg are often pricier because they’re harder to source). In-season veg will also be fresher and therefore last longer. Why not stock up and save ££s? Top fact: every vegetable contains different kinds of fibre that are good for your gut health, which is why it’s sensible to mix things up throughout the year. No lycra/green juices needed. Phew.

By buying in-season veg that’s grown locally you’ll be helping the planet by reducing food miles. You might even discover something new!

We’ve roped in Veg Power supporter and expert in seasonal veg eating, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, for some of his tips and advice for eating with the seasons.


Check out our vegepedia. When to buy in-season. How to store them to keep for longer. How to engage children with each veg, and simple ideas of how to prepare and cook them for maximum taste and minimum waste. Select a veg…

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