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Making Your Meals Go Further

We have a secret weapon that can add more veg and fibre to a meal, helping fill bellies and make dinners healthier (not to mention help the planet!), all while saving money!! That secret weapon: adding beans, pulses and veg to your family’s meals.

Make your meals cheaper, healthier and filling!

Next time you are making a stew, curry, spag bol, chilli or any sauce-based meal, simply replacing some of the more expensive meat, fish or processed veggie alternative with beans, pulses or veg will make minimal change to the taste and texture of your dish, while saving you money and making the dinner healthier.

And even better news: you don’t have to make it big changes so your family will still love these favourite meals.


Nutritionist Zoe Griffiths RNtr explains how to make the most of beans, pulses and veg to make meals go further without overly changing the meals your family love. And check out our small steps guide to slowly improving your favourite meals over time.

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