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Healthy Start

Health professionals talk about the importance of good nutrition for pregnant women and young children. The Healthy Start scheme (Best Start Foods in Scotland) supports families with lower incomes to access healthier foods and free vitamins to help children get the best start in life.

But many people are not aware they are entitled to them, or simply do not know how to get and use them. We are here to help walk you through it all, from whether you can get them to where to obtain them and even how to use them well.

What is the Healthy Start Scheme?

Get help to buy food and milk.

Over 200,000 families with young children and pregnant woman are losing out on Healthy Start payments toward free fruit, veg, milk and vitamins in 2023 with nearly half of all eligible households not signed up.

The Healthy Start scheme provides fruit, vegetables, vitamins and milk for young families on low incomes, and could have helped many more with the current cost of living crisis. Making the most of Healthy Start vouchers could be the single most beneficial thing you can do to add veg to your family’s budget, so check and see if you are eligible and cash in on them soon!

How much is it worth

Where can I use the vouchers?

What can I get?

Am I eligible?

What if I'm in Scotland?

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