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Understanding Veg

If you aren’t sure where to start with getting kids to try new veg, this is the place. Arm yourself with our experts’ knowledge and tips to begin the journey to better, and save yourself time, stress and money on the way!

My kid won’t eat veg!

Where to start? You’ll need the knowledge to succeed. 

Our experts are here to help you understand what vegetables your children naturally prefer, and how to use that to your advantage to get them trying new veg. They will help you understand how much veg you should all be eating in an easy way, why some veg might be better than others to try with your family, and lay the groundwork for success. Look out for our money and stress saving tips along the way.

Understanding Preferences


Eat the Rainbow

Supporting Neurodiversity

Veg on a budget

Eat with the seasons


Check out our vegepedia. When to buy in-season. How to store them to keep for longer. How to engage children with each veg, and simple ideas of how to prepare and cook them for maximum taste and minimum waste. Select a veg…

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Simply Veg Sun & Girl


Need to get your kids eating more veg?

Our only goal is to help parents and carers serve up affordable, simple food their families will love. We know that takes more than a few recipes, so we've got all the hacks and advice you'll need. Join now. It's 100% free and 100% simple.

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