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Understanding Portions

Ever found yourself confused about what “1 of your 5-a-day” really is? Whether it is important? Is it affordable? What even counts? Many of us are unclear when it comes to exactly what a portion of veg actually means. So we’ve enlisted some expert advice to walk you through what it means to eat “5 portions” of fruit & veg a day.

How much veg should we be eating?

The government guidance combines fruit and veg and recommends we eat at least five portions a day. This guidance is consistent across all UK nations. We suggest that half should be veg and half fruit, this would result in 2.5 portions or 200g veg per day for adults and secondary school children, and 125g for primary school children.

Don’t be discouraged if your child isn’t at this point yet – while 5-a-day is the recommended minimum, it can take time to get there for kids as they get used to eating and enjoying more veg and variety. So start small, focusing on veg they already like and tiny, regularly offered amounts of ones they don’t…yet.

And remember…keep trying…It takes time for anyone to learn to like new or previously unliked veggies. Just keep trying!

Jenny Rosborough RNutr

How much veg should we be eating? What counts? and what doesn’t? Registered nutrionists Jenny explains all, watch her video, check her tips below and download our “handy” guide.

How much is a portion?

What about frozen or tinned veg?

What about dried fruit, juices and smoothies?


Beans and pulses

One more thing…

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