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Simple Steps to Improve Any Meal

We are not going to try to convince you to switch your family to new recipes they might not like. We are here to help you take the food your family already loves – your food – and slowly, in small, simple and friction-free steps, make it a little healthier.

Small steps, no battles

Can I just make my family’s favourite meals a little better?

Yes, absolutely! You may enjoy finding a whole new recipe to try, but for most of us, we are already making food we love as a family, and would just like to make it a bit healthier! Our step-by-step approach shows you how to improve your recipes without the worries of waste or friction with the family.

We have selected many of the UK’s family favourite meals to walk you through simple, small changes, but the basic steps can be followed for most meals. We have taken basic ‘recipes’, kept as simple as possible, and made the steps as accessible as can be, and not only kept costs down, but in many instances actually lower!

When you follow our step-by-step process, you are making friction-free progress, even if it isn’t obvious in the moment. You will find yourself getting small victories with no battles.

Claire Wright

Veg Power’s Claire Wright shows you how to improve the meals your family already love, one step at a time.

Step by step process

We have applied these steps, with concrete examples, to each of the meals in the Family Favourites section of our website, but you can follow them with any of your favourite dishes. Why not give one a go with a dinner this week?


Start simple


Better Sauce


Add Veg


Making Meals Go Further


Batch Cook

Repeat as needed


And remember, the MOST important thing is that the family enjoys the meal! This gentle process of improvement can take as long as is needed if your family isn’t ready for big changes all in one go. Small simple improvements over time may not even be noticed.

Get ready for small victories, with no battles!

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