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If you’ve never done batch cooking before, now is the time to learn. Not only is it cost-efficient and an easy way to add more veg to your diet, it’s also a great time-saver, meaning less standing in the kitchen.

The brilliance of batch cooking

Batch cooking is all about headspace. It allows you to spend more time doing the things you love rather than spending all your time in the kitchen. If you are stressed about time and money when it comes to your weekly meals then batch cooking is for you.

Saving time on cooking and shopping and, best of all, washing up(!), batch cooking can also save you money on bills and groceries, since cooking once and eating twice (or more) means your oven and hob will be on less often, and shopping once and eating twice (or more) means you also save money (and waste) when shopping as the items in your trolley are just what you need and no more.

Batch cooking doesn’t have to be difficult – try just doubling up on your favourite meal next time you make it and freezing the extra or popping it in the fridge to eat later in the week.

But don’t just take our word for it. Suzanne Mulholland (aka The Batch Lady) is an expert at teaching people the genius and practicalities of batch-cooking, so we’ve roped her in to give you her best tips, too!

What is batch cooking?

How do I get started?

What equipment do I need?

What if I don't have a freezer? Or only a shelf?

Do you need special freezer bags for freezing flat?

How long will it last?

How do I know how much to freeze?

What if I get bored of eating the same thing?

Can I add more veg into my batches affordably?

For all information including how to defrost your batched meals and everything above in more detail head to my website where you will find lots of free recipes, resources and so much more!

Let’s get started

Great ideas for batch cooking…

Spaghetti Bolognaise

Spaghetti Bolognese is one of our nation’s favourite dishes. If you love this meal but want to know if there are ways to make it a little healthier, tastier and add more veg without upping the cost, this is the place for you.

Chilli con carne

Chilli con carne is simple, cheap and delicious. It is easy to adapt, simple to add veg to, and can be batch cooked to save time and money for the future, too! We’ve gathered some expert tips and small steps to help you take your current chilli from good to great.


Stews and casseroles are classic comfort food, great for filling bellies and batching to cook once and eat twice. Plus, they are affordable, simple, adaptable and easy to add more veg to! We’ve gathered some expert tips and small steps for you to take your stew from good to great.

ShephErd’s pie

Shepherd’s pie (or cottage pie, which uses beef mince instead of lamb) is cheap and filling and tasty, so it’s no wonder we love it in this nation! We’ve got together some expert tips and small steps you can take to move your shepherd’s pie from good to great, making a balanced meal and increasing veg slowly over time to make it easier for everyone.

Mac & Cheese

Mac ‘n’ cheese is classic kid food, perfect for filling up hungry bellies! It is cheap and tasty and easier than you think to add veg to. We’ve gathered expert tips and come up with small steps you can take to bring your mac ‘n’ cheese from good to great!

Pasta Bake

A pasta bake is a classic midweek family meal, as it is cheap and easy to put together, and usually goes down well with everybody! We’ve brought together some expert tips and simple steps to take your pasta bakes from good to great.


Garfield isn’t the only one who loves lasagne! We eat loads of it in the UK, and despite its reputation, it doesn’t have to be difficult to make, depending on what shortcuts you take. But if your lasagne is currently a ready meal or a few jars, we have some simple, affordable steps to tweak your lasagne to help it become healthier, cheaper and higher in veg!


Curry is our favourite takeaway, but is remarkably easy and affordable to make at home! The strong, sweet flavours of curry are very forgiving, allowing you to add more veg and less meat easily with less chance of people noticing since it changes the taste very little. Follow our simple tweaks and tips to make your curry even better.

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