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Supporting Neurodiversity

If your child is neurodiverse – perhaps they have autism or struggle with hypersensitivity in some form – then we know that convincing them to try new foods, particularly veg, can present challenges. 

Trying New Veg

Trying new veg can feel like a challenge for any parent.

For those whose families include neurodiverse children, sometimes the traditional advice doesn’t seem like enough. We receive masses of questions about how to support children with autism and neurodiverse sensitivity to food.

So, we have pulled together an outstanding expert advisory group to bring you the best advice for each of our core themes, recipes and tips, including expert David Rex RD, a specialist dietitian working to improve the diet of children with autism and ADHD.

David has gathered some of his best advice from years of experience on how best to help neurodiverse children to try new veg, which could change the way your child looks at veggies for the better!


Less is more!


Tap into their interests


Avoid over-generalising


Focus on texture


Keep foods separate


Aim for consistency


Use a visual menu


Routines and rituals


Use descriptive words


Lean into science


Keep a food scrapbook

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