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Your child’s lunch will provide them with energy, helping them to concentrate while at school.  But it isn’t only about the energy. A healthy lunchbox provides nutrition to support their growth, development and immune system

Love your lunchbox

Simple steps to a better lunchbox

Lunchboxes are having a tough time. They are getting pricier. Fresh foods go untouched and end up wasted. You worry your child isn’t eating enough unless there are only foods they know and love present. Healthy foods take time you don’t have to prep. But lunchboxes can also be an easy opportunity to take small, simple, affordable steps to improve your child’s attitude to veggies.

Let registered nutritionist Catherine Lippe RNtr. walk you through it…with a little help from our buddy Shaun the Sheep.


Start Small


Offer Limited Choices


Get them Involved


Love Your leftovers

Raw Veg

Don't forget…

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