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woman offer veg to girl

Serving for Success

The moments before food is offered can be a perfect opportunity for engagement that can help make it more likely a child will eat it! We have advice and practical tips to make it a simple and free process for you.

Food is ready

but will they eat it?

If you’ve gone through the effort of understanding, engaging and preparing veg for kids, then you want to do your best to make sure it will be eaten, not wasted!

To make it more likely that when food is served it will end up in bellies, we have asked Dr Clare Holley, a child psychologist who specialises in getting kids to eat veg, to share some of her best advice. Her “three Rs”, the principles that make eating veg far more probable, and her ideas for how to make the most of the serving process as a final opportunity before they eat, may be exactly the tools you need to ensure success.

Dr Clare Holley

Clare is a health psychologist, and mum of two, who specialises in getting kids to eat more veg. Don’t miss her advice on serving up for a positive mealtime.

No pressure!

The Three Rs

Eat together

Get them involved

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