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Eat the Rainbow

No, we aren’t talking about Skittles. Eating a rainbow of fresh veg is actually a great way to boost your health by ensuring you take in a variety of nutrients. Plus, it’s more pleasing to the eye, which can help when trying to feed kids more veggies! We’ve enlisted the help of expert nutritionist Dr Laura Wyness to walk you through why eating the rainbow is so great, and how to get started.

Helping kids love veg through colour and choice

Eating the rainbow isn’t just great for increasing the variety of nutrients that are so great for your body, it’s also a great way to empower kids to love their veg by offering them more visually-pleasing colour, texture, taste and choice!

Dr Laura Wyness, one of our amazing expert panel, is here to walk you through why eating the rainbow is such a good idea, and how to get started – why not challenge your family to eat the rainbow with our wall chart below?

DR laura wyness

It’s a great idea to eat a rainbow of different colours of vegetables! Each colour has different types of vitamins and minerals that are essential for kids and their growth. Eating the rainbow is not only beneficial for health, but it looks great on the plate, which looks much more appetising for the kids. Let’s take a look at the colours and get to some top tips.







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