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Arts & Crafts

Getting kids to engage and play with veg is the first step to them developing a good relationship with healthy eating. If your child struggles with actually eating veggies, veg-based arts & crafts can be a gentle and fun way to get them more used to them.

get kids engaged and having fun

Veg-based arts & crafts are a simple, gentle and fun way to get kids engaging with veggies in a positive way, laying the groundwork of positivity and familiarity in order to encourage them towards eventually eating the veg.

Starting with arts & crafts, puzzles & games, and other veg activities that don’t involve them having to eat the veg will take the pressure off for a child, and make it easier to bring in sensory exploration of veg, helping to prep or cook the veggies, and eventually eating them.

We have loads of fun veg activities for kids at Simply Veg – here are some of our favourites, and tips for other ways to encourage a love of veg through arts & crafts.




Cut out and colour

Other ideas

Art Wall

You can send in pictures of your kids having fun and doing crafty stuff and we’ll add them to our Art Wall so others can be inspired to have a go and get crafting!

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