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Veg on a budget

Can veg be part of our diet if your budget is tight? Absolutely! While it may require a little effort and planning, we have gathered tips from our experts that are as simple and achievable as possible.

Can I afford veg?

Let’s save some money…

When your food budget is stretched, adding anything in, especially something that might be rejected, can be a daunting task. Eating more veg can cost more, but in the long run can actually save you money, as well as improving the health of your family. Here’s a few tips.

Get Free Fruit & Veg!

Use Frozen and Tinned Veg

Jamie's £1 Wonders

Meal Planning and Batch Cooking

Storing Veg More Effectively

Reducing Food Waste

Make meals go further

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Need to get your kids eating more veg?

Our only goal is to help parents and carers serve up affordable, simple food their families will love. We know that takes more than a few recipes, so we've got all the hacks and advice you'll need. Join now. It's 100% free and 100% simple.

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