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Talking Veg

One of the simplest, but most important, things you can do to get your kids eating more veg is to by making it part of your everyday conversation. Talking about veg helps you better understand your child’s preferences and turn those negative “no” moments into positives. It’s super easy with our tips from Dr Clare Holley.

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Let’s Talk About Veg!

Take the stress out of veg by making it part of your everyday discussion with these tips from Dr Clare Holley.

Dr Clare Holley

Talking about veg might not feel easy and natural when you first start, but the more you bring it into everyday conversation, the easier it gets, and the more hints you get about your child’s preferences and how best to introduce more veg into their diet! Dr Clare Holley, a Senior Lecturer in Psychology specialising in children’s eating behaviour, shares how to get started…

Why talk about veg?

What to talk about?

How to talk about veg?

When to talk about veg?

What if they don't like it?

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