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Beetroot is a bit of a love or hate veg with kids, but the fun of the colour and the way it is prepared can make a big difference! Buy cooked beets for instant ready-to-eat affordable veg that can be served alongside a meal, chop into salads, grate into coleslaw or sandwiches, or blitz into dips to turn everything beautifully pink!
Seasonal Veg Beetroot
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Beetroot loves the colour so much it spreads it to everything – your plate, your other food, your mouth and even your poo and wee (don’t worry, it passes).

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They’re a good source of fibre, folate (vitamin B9), manganese, potassium and iron making them a powerhouse veg to support energy levels, making red blood cells and supporting heart health.

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Shopping Guide

Look out for beets that are on the smaller side with a strong maroon colour and bright leaves still attached. 

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To store raw beetroot, keep in a cool dark cupboard or even the fridge for up to a week. For cooked beetroot, keep in the fridge in its original packaging or a sealed container for up to 3-4 days.



Simply add pre-cooked beetroot to a salad, or buy raw and peel, cut into wedges, brush with olive oil and roast in a tin in a pre-heated oven at 190C/170C fan/Gas 5 for 40 mins – add a garlic clove, separated but unpeeled.

WATCH: Tom Hunt’s guide to preparing beetroot.


Kids in the Kitchen

For a younger child, why not pop on an apron or old clothes to avoid staining, and show them how to cut safely with cooked beetroot and a butter knife. Cooked beetroot is super soft so you don’t need sharp knives, making it perfect for teaching little ones knife skills without being too nervous about it!

For an older child, it could be a great opportunity to teach essential knife skills, too. You could show them how to safely use a sharp knife to cut cooked or raw beetroot using the claw grip. Or show them how to grate safely to add some colour and extra flavour to a simple grated carrot salad. It’s great(!) in pitta breads or sandwiches with cheese, or with a simple dressing as a colourful side salad.

Find more ideas for involving kids in the kitchen here.



Beetroot is a fun one to explore through sight (just remember that it can get a little messy and stain, so make sure to wear aprons or old clothes and be prepared to get some pink fingers for a few days if you don’t wear gloves!). Try exploring whole and halved beetroot to describe the look, colour and patterns you see on the outside and inside. What does it remind you of? If you can get a few different kinds of beetroot (purple, golden, candy-striped), it can really spark the imagination!

Find more sensory ideas, tips and videos here. If you get stuck and need a little help with describing words, we have a selection for you here, too!



Try making one of our simple beetroot sides (like simple roasted beets) and ask your child to help with one small part of the recipe (wrapping the beetroots in tin foil can be fun, and an older child could help you with setting the oven and peeling when it’s cooled a bit). For a creative child, why not get them to decorate the table with a pink or purple theme to reflect the beetroot in the meal!

Find the best ways of involving your own child and their skills and interests on our Roles for Kids page.



Why not try making beetroot prints on paper plates using a cut beetroot? You could even take it a step further and carve a heart or shape into the beet to make stamps or temporary tattoos for hands. Make sure to wear an apron and perhaps some gloves to avoid staining! It can also be fun to try and paint or draw a beetroot picture with a raw halved beetroot – can they show the detail of the rings and shades of colour in the picture?

Kids more interested in science? Try Stefan Gates’ videos, including how to explore colour, patterns and shape using beetroot here.

Find loads more free veg-themed crafts here and games here.



Buying veg in season is not only great for the planet, it can be good for your wallet, too! Buying beetroot over the autumn and early winter will get you the best flavour and price, so keep an eye out from late summer.

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Your Food

Beetroot has a natural sweetness and beautiful colour many kids love, but not all are fans of the earthy flavour. Use our simple beetroot side dishes and family favourite meals that work well with beets to bring everyone around to this fun finger-staining veg!


beetroot dip

Beetroot Dip – 2 Ways

Effort: 1
Complexity: 1
Cost: 1

Claire Wright

beet slaw

Beetroot & Apple Slaw

Effort: 1
Complexity: 1
Cost: 1

Claire Wright

roasted beetroot

Simple Roasted Beetroot

Effort: 1
Complexity: 1
Cost: 1

Claire Wright

Leftover Veg Salad | Veg Power

Leftover veg curried salad

Effort: 1
Complexity: 1
Cost: 1

Claire Wright

The Hairy Bikers’ Winter Vegetable Soup

Effort: 3
Complexity: 3
Cost: 2

Si King & Dave Myers (The Hairy Bikers)

Thomasina’s Beetroot & Fennel Seed Soup

Effort: 3
Complexity: 3
Cost: 2

Thomasina Miers

Jason’s Rainbow Veg Kebabs

Effort: 1
Complexity: 2
Cost: 2

Jason Leonard OBE

Veggie Fries – 3 Ways

Effort: 2
Complexity: 2
Cost: 1

Claire Wright

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